miercuri, 29 aprilie 2009

Sign the petition: FREE A. MĂTĂSARU!

The text of the petition launched on www.curaj.net:

To the competent authorities of Republic of MOldova,

Anatol Mătăsaru is under preventive detention since the 8th of April. He was arrested in front of his house, without being presented any legal mandate. At the police office he was beaten and humiliated, after that he was moved in a prison without medical care, although he was in need of urgent medical treatment. Since April 24, Anatol declared a hunger strike.

We request urgent liberation and access to medical care for Anatol Mătăsaru. We also demand legality and transparency regarding his case and the cases of other persons, arrested during the post electoral protests.

use the link below if you wish to sign this petition:


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