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According to www.curaj.net Anatol Matasaru has been arrested by police together with some hundreds of protesters during the street protests that emerged the following days after the parliamentary election that had taken place in Moldova on the 5th.
More about the events in English can be found on website:

New York Times:



some pictures>

Financial Times:

updates about A. Matasaru's arrest

According to Anatol's wife: His lawyer, Victor Panţîru, said that Anatol is badly beaten, and his physical state is very bad, his head is swollen, his nose is broken, he is all in bruises, his face is badly wounded. The police is charging him with the co-organization of the riot form those days.

His wife can't see him. She was pushed out of the police station.

On Saturday there is going to be a trial, in which the verdict in Anatol's case is going to be pronounced.

An additional piece of news:
According to a number of Moldovan websites> OLEG BREGA WAS BADLY BEATEN by police yesterday. He is the Moldovan journalist from JURNALTV.md who contributed to 'matasaruart.blogspot.com' project with pictures from Anatol's happenings. Police also confiscated his video equipment. It happened on April, 7th, while O. Brega tried to record the apparently aleatory arrests and beatings of the protesters by police. Curently Oleg's location is unknown. He disapeared together with another cameraman from the same TV station.

17:50, April,09 // The declaration of the the editor in chief of JURNAL de CHISINAU (newspaper) and JURNAL TV (internret TV station) -- Val Butnaru

The attack against the JURNAL TV reporter and his deprivation of video-camera proves that the communist government intends to lead all the way to the end the plans it constructed far in advance to the April 5 elections. The cynical mystification of the elections results, instigating to vandalism, involving criminal elements within the natural manifestations of the youth, blaming the entire fault on the democratic opposition, annihilating the free press – these are the steps the anti-popular regime is taking in order to install one of the most tough dictatorship in the world.

From among all the journalists reporting the events that took place these days, it was a JURNAL TV reporter who was severely injured and got his video camera taken away – a completely acknowledged deed. Oleg Brega, a well known journalist, as well as JURNAL de CHISINAU, and especially JURNAL TV, mass media institutions that have a significant impact upon the public opinion – these are the factors which annoy the communist authorities, who are trying not only to intimidate the free press, but to physically annihilate it.

JURNAL draws the attention of Council of Europe, OSCE and other international organizations, which, by reason of naivety or irresponsibility and cowardice, pretend not to see the installation of a dictatorial regime in Republic of Moldova and that the situation gets more and more severe every day inclusively because the attitude of the above mentioned organizations.

We are convinced that justice will triumph sooner or later, and the defenders of this dictatorial regime will answer in front of justice. JURNAL de CHISINAU will carry on its activity even if we will be forced to go for illegality.

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