sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2009

The policeman as a priest, just before the orthodox Easter in Moldova

The speaker of Moldova's parliament, Marian Lupu, has admitted (to The Financial Times reporter) that opposition protesters have been subjected to police brutality over the past week, but said the officers in question should not be punished.
So, like the policeman who shot a person in the head before the elections (in Chisinau), the ones that beat the soul out of hundreds of boys and girls, and also committing yet again manslaughter (of some of the people who took part in the protests against electoral fraud) should go unpunished. The number of known casualties is 3 to this moment, but there are 3 more young boys who cannot be traced by their relatives.

However, amnesty (of the people arrested during the post-election protests recently announced by the president of Moldova) doesn't seem to work for everybody. Anatol Matasaru is still in arrest. Moreover, he has been refused the right to a fair trial; the police failed to bring him to court when his appeal was scheduled on April 17th. He was the second on the list of some 30 cases. When the police did not bring him to the court as his turn came, his wife said to the press that they were keeping him for later, as "a dessert". However, it turned out that the appeal of Matasaru's case did not take place at all. Yet again, his wife was not able to see him. She had a mental breakdown. By the end of the hearings, she started to cry and ask on her knees to see her husband. (See the picture above).

She was told that Anatol was in the prison hospital with a head injury. She was handed a piece of paper on which Anatol wrote with his own handwriting, that the conditions in the prison were fine and he was treated well.

She believes that there are three reasons for which Anatol has not been set free yet. Firstly, his bruises still haven't disappeared. Secondly, police wants to punish him for his courage to openly criticize them. Thirdly, they need a scapegoat for the organization of the post-election protests.

In a previous post I mentioned that someone had broken into Matasaru family's office. Four computers were stolen. His wife called the police. According to her, the police, instead of properly investigating the crime scene, asked her questions about her financial situation and confiscated some old pieces of electronic devices as well as a few gadgets Anatol had used in his earlier happenings labeling them "documents of propaganda".

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