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Anatol Mătăsaru now, still in arrest

Anatol Mătăsaru was already sentenced. (It didn't happen on Saturday as I mentioned earlier, but on Friday.) The case was judged on the premises of the police station where he is detained. The process lasted 10 minutes. He was charged with 30 days in prison. This is only a temporary sentence. It was decided to keep him jailed for the period his criminal file (co-organizing of the riot) is under investigation.
There are many hundreds of arrests going on right now in Republic Moldova. Many people are being beaten by police, so A. Mătăsaru is not the only one who has been beaten. However, according to this witness, it seems that the Moldovan police takes a particular pleasure in beating Anatol. They say> "we finally "bagged" this guy and his donkey!"
(- bagged - here meaning the informal for "arrested" but also think of a "boxing bag" that Anatol turned into. -
This is as close as I could get to translating into English the Romanian verb Moldovan police officers use - "to blow". Anatol' head is literary "blown" as a result of the numerous beatings. The metaphorical meaning of the Romanian "to blow" is "to imprison".)
In an article on, it was reported that only 2 police officers beat him, but his wife says, that they might not be the only ones.
From the same article on "ZdG" webpage: Anatol is breathing with difficulties, he says he might have a broken rib. After he was beaten, he asked for the ambulance. The doctors came and offered him the necessary help. However, when they wanted to document his injuries, it seems that the police did not allow them to do it properly.

the article (in Romanian)

Until Monday, his wife won't have any access to him. She can not pass him any warm clothing either.

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