marți, 28 aprilie 2009

Write to Mătăsaru in prison

The next day after I found out about Anatol's hunger strike I sent him a letter to prison in which I basically had asked him to stop his hunger strike.
In fact, I wanted to send him a telegram, but I was told at the local post office that it was impossible to send telegrams from Poland to Moldova. The lady at the post office suggested to use the so called: EUSPRESS format. She also said that I could ask for a "notification of delivery" and that was exactly what I did. Recently I have received the confirmation, and although it is not signed by Mătăsaru but probably by somebody from the prison administration, it seems that Anatol got my letter...

You can write to him in prison as well:

Republic of Moldova, 2001, Chişinău, str. Bernardarzii, 3,
Penitenciarul nr.13,
pentru Anatol Mătăsaru

If you decide to send smth to A. Mătăsaru in jail, perhaps you would like to send a copy of the work/letter to this blog as well, (just in case)

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