miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009

The court declined the appeal of Mr. Mătăsaru

On Tuesday, April, 21st, Moldova's Court of Appeal declined the appeal submitted on the behalf of Mr. Mătăsaru by his lawyer, Victor Panţâru. The lawyer asked in his appeal to change the current court decision – a 30 days detention period – which he believes is groundless, to home arrest. The lawyer also invoked Mr. Mătăsaru very bad physical condition. On Saturday, April, 18th, Mr. Mătăsaru was transported to the city's emergency hospital. The doctors insisted on an IMMEDIATE hospitalization. However, the officers did not allow it, taking Mr. Mătăsaru back to the prison.
The court said that Mr. Mătăsaru's lawyer's appeal was not motivated, and therefore declined it.
Apparently, the decision of the court was influenced by the claim of the prosecutor, Oleg Malai, who said the prosecution office has evidence that Mr. Mr. Mătăsaru is a “dangerous man”. His claim was enough to keep Mătăsaru imprisoned.

Anatol Mătăsaru will stay in prison for a temporary period of 30 days, and after that he might be released if, meanwhile, the prosecutor doesn't ask for a prolongation of the arrest – said Mr. Panţâru.
Mr. Mătăsaru was transferred from the detention cell of the General Commissariat of the city to the prison, where he is no longer physically abused as it had happened at the Commissariat. However, Mr. Mătăsaru, although his case is still being investigated, is detained with already condemned prisoners, a fact that runs counter to the Moldovan legislation. Victor Panţâru will request in the near future his transfer to another cell.
During the April 21st court hearing Julia Saviţchi, Mr. Mătăsaru's wife, saw him for the first time after his arrest, on the 8th of April. She said he visibly had lost weight, he still had blue marks under his eyes (a result of a strong punch with a hard object on the back of his head, according to his lawyer), his face was swollen. She also said that he limped, but she added that she could have been mistaken. They had just enough time to exchange a couple of phrases.

She requested a meeting with her husband after the court had denied her husband's appeal. But it wasn't granted.

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