joi, 16 aprilie 2009

April, 16.
After the president Voronin's declaration of amnesty of all the participants in the post-election protests, Anatol Mătăsaru wasn't freed but transferred from the detention quarters of the Commissariat General to the city's Prison nr. 13. His lawyer, Victor Panţâru, said that he was not informed about this transfer and that Anatol Matasaru still has not had any medical assistance, although he asked for it on many occasions starting with April 7th, when he got arrested and abused by policemen.
Jiulieta Saviţchi, Matasaru's wife, said to a reporter of ( that today she managed to pass to Anatol a package with clothing and food. Also today, at around 11.30 A.M., she was informed that somebody entered and ravaged family's business office. - Our office has reinforced metallic doors. I can't understand how come they were opened. I am sure it was not the thieves who entered there. - said Ms. Saviţchi.

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