vineri, 24 aprilie 2009

Anatol Mătăsaru's case discussed at ECHR

Anatol Mătăsaru's lawyer, Victor Panţâru, brought his case to the European Court of Human Rights. The ECHR is investigating the case, and meanwhile the Court sent the following inquiry to the Government of Moldova:
Did the police use physical and mental abuse while Mr. Mătăsaru was in their custody? Did he receive appropriate medical treatment while in jail? The Government was also asked to answer if there was an investigation of the abuses that the plaintiff had reported on numerous occasions.
The government has to answer these questions by the 4th of June.
Currently the physical abuse of Mr. Mătăsaru stopped but he is still is being subjected to psychological pressure, said his lawyer in a press conference on April 24. The police wants him to confess to acts that he did not commit. Mr. Panţâru also said that apparently there had been a prosecutor talking to Mr. Mătăsaru about these abuses. However, the lawyer is very skeptical, he says that he doesn't believe that somebody would be punished for these abuses.

The 30 days detention period of Mr. Mătăsaru will expire by the beginning of May.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am not sure who edited this movie but I think it should be posted here since it also talks about the injustice done to Matasaru.
    Cry for him mom 'cause his RomanianThe text when Matasaru's image come is
    "He has no right to speak/ he has no shadow on this ground"