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Mătăsaru to talk in Poland about his art works

On the April, 20, the editor of a polish art magazine "Obieg" Grzegorz Borkowski and myself initiated a solidarity appeal with the artist Anatol Mătăsaru directed to cultural institutions that deal with fine arts. (Anatol Mătăsaru is currently detained as a prisoner of conscience by the Moldovan authorities.) The appeal is still on. Feel free to join it. Here you have an English translation of the original polish text published on the Obieg magazine's web site


We suggest that the form of solidarity for Anatol Mătăsaru should take the following form: Art galleries and/or Educational institutions from Poland (or other countries) would invite him to have talks about his artistic works he did in Moldova. It is very possible that Mătăsaru won't get a valid passport to travel to Poland, however, these invitations will constitute a clear sign to the local authorities, that the artist's works and current situation is well known beyond the borders of Moldova.
The letters should be send from the name of a precise institution and addressed to:

Anatol Mătăsaru
2028, Republic of Moldova,
Chişinău, şos.Hancesti, 64 bl.B ap.20

Yesterday, I was notified that already two important Polish art institutions sent letters to Anatol Mătăsaru in which he is being invited to talk about his works. (See the scanned images bellow.)

The first letter (in English) was sent from the Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle (

The second invitation was sent from Galeria Działań . The text of the letter is in Polish and in Romanian languages(

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