miercuri, 6 mai 2009

The beauty of pain

In a broadcast of the internet TV station www.JurnalTV.md a young girl, Irina Chirica, declared that she is also on a hunger strike in solidarity with Anatol Mătăsaru. She started her strike the next day (April, 29th), following the official news that Mătăsaru had begun his hunger strike. She intends to continue her strike until May, 8th, the day when Anatol Mătăsaru's retrial is being scheduled.
Irina says, she is feeling all right.
She also mentions the petition addressed to the Moldovan officials, in which people request the liberation and access to medical care for Anatol Mătăsaru; as well as legality and transparency regarding his case and the cases of other persons, arrested during the post electoral protests.
Irina talks about this blog too, as well as the previous post, in which I announced that 2 important Polish art institutions invited Anatol Mătăsaru to have lectures about the works he had done in Moldova.

you can see the video (it is in Romanian language) here:


For the last couple of weeks, as I am following the events that bud around Anatol Mătăsaru, i cannot help myself thinking that what I am witnessing is being moulded into an incredibly beautiful and yet an extremely painful assemblage of art...

See also the copies of the doctor's reports filled in during Anatol's physical examination on April, 18th. Afterwords the doctors recommended an immediate hospitalization of the patient. However, the officers who brought Mătăsaru in did not allow it. Here is one of the dozens of scans published online here: http://www.curaj.net/?p=16369

According to Mătăsaru's lawyer, his client's condition is still stable.

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