joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Schwabinggrad ballett

an image with an action/performance/concert done by a German group (probably sometime between 2000-2002), who were also using methods of expression similar with A. Matasaru's and, I think, with similar results.
If anybody knows more about the event represented on this picture pls. let me know what is it exaclty about. I have only this picture and I have the feeling that it was smth very interesting. You can leave a comment or write to


The performers in this group change with location and occasion to include local activists as well as some of Hamburg’s fine musicians. Their intention is to intervene unexpectedly in public spaces and transform difficult political content into playful public performance. The group was first organized for the No Border Camp in Strasbourg in July of 2002 and have since developed a series of plots against police brutality, racism, gentrification, and war that have been performed in a variety of situations. They enact the plays with music, costumes, and props, easily attracting a crowd and occasionally confusing authorities.


a text in Romanian about this group can be found here:

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