miercuri, 25 martie 2009

Picture by Oleg Brega, Moldova

March, 17. Somebody destroyed Matasaru's back car window - the photo was taken from a news spot on JurnalTV.md. On one hand I was pleased to discover that Matasaru decided to sign his car with a link to this blog (and not with a logo of a political party, in my opinion a clear sign of the fact that Matasaru is assoiciating himself with an art project and not with a political movement). On the other hand, however, I was saddened by the unfortunate event they had reported on the TV. The police didn't find any bullet. I'll explain a little more about the context. On the night of the 15th of March a Moldovan police officer shot a young man in the head in one of the apartment blocks of the capital city. Police said that the man had attacked them with a knife, injuring an officer and they did well shooting him in the head. The witnesses, however, reported controversially, that the police officer probably injured himself and that they shot the guy with no apparent reason.
On March 17, there was a spontaneous march of protest against police actions in this particular case. It was organized in the center of the city by the friends and the relatives of the killed young man. Couple of hundreds of people participated. Matasaru went there by car, and this was when the back window was smashed. There were some other people in the car as well. Nobody was injured. He called the police, but they didn't find anything. Matasaru and his passengers are fine.

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