marți, 24 martie 2009

Oleg Brega, Moldova

Images taken during A. Mătăsaru's ongoing project: "The Trouble with the Donkey" also known as "The Donkey Caravan". He travels on Sundays mornings to the market places of a number of Moldova's regional centers and tries to sell his donkey dressed in a “mulitioner”. He is praising his “artistic-work” like this: "Please buy this lousy animal, this corrupted lier... this general donkey... I want to get rid of it!" And he talks to people, very kindly, although his message is very very strong. People meet him with joy. They make pictures of the donkey with their phone cameras. He gives free donkey rides to the kids. There are also some that dislike this whole project. This time the police stays apart. Some officers even pose together with the donkey (but not in front of the TV cameras. No one wants to buy it! :)

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