joi, 13 decembrie 2012

Heide Hatry
pictures from here:

Pig Skin Portraits by Heide Hatry
I knew there was something strange about these portraits when I first looked at them but I just couldn't figure out what it was. I thought the eyes had a realness about them that is hard to create, which turned out to be partly correct.

The artist Heide Hatry created these weird little creations with animal skin and body parts. So the eyes are real, but they're real pigs eyes. The lips are raw flesh and the skin is from a pig.

a commentator: OK, this is interesting. I use to work in a funeral home and saw a lot of things, believe me. Despite the visual condition of bodies in all shapes and forms I was not put off due the fact it was EXTREMELY apparent the essence/soul/spirit of each individuals was no longer there, truly. I was affected deeply by the sorrow and anguish each family was experiencing at their loss of a beloved family member, but as far as bodies disturbing me, no. Having written that, viewing what this artist does with the pig flesh and eyes and constructing human form, this is another matter entirely, disturbs me, go figure.

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