duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

Ryan Tubridy

The cringe-inducing blunder that occurred during the live final of Australia's Next Top Model reminded us of other presenters closer to home who were left red-faced after a botched winner's announcement on live tv...Ryan chats to 2FM DJ Damien Farrelly who relives his Celebrity Jigs and Reels moment in the spotlight when presenter Marty Whelan mistakenly told him he'd won! Also, presenter Derek Mooney tells of his live television disaster when he announced the wrong winner of Fame: The Musical.

Our politicians have been bandying about the analogy of a 'pig in a poke' the last few days - and quite frankly, we've no idea what it means or where it came from!?? Cue our knowledgeable listeners to the rescue, who inform us that a pig in a poke refers back to when people would buy calves in bags at markets. Unscrupulous dealers would put pigs in the bags thereby pulling the wool over the eyes of the purchaser, who would only find out on getting the animal home that they'd been sold a cheap pig in a poke and not a more expensive and useful calf!

Dave Sherry tells us of his discomfort when in the presence of couples who talk baby talk to each other - and another pet peeve - older women wearing childish pyjamas!

Pat O'Mahony joins Ryan in studio to talk about his Richard Nixon documentary which will air on Radio 1 this Saturday October 2nd at 6.05pm. Pat recalls Nixon's visit to Ireland back in October 1970 - 40 years ago next week.

Nob Nation - One from the archives - The News at One: NAMA / RTE shares take a dive on the FTSE, Anglo get an 8 million bail-out and Seanie Fitz steps out for a game of golf...

A few years ago, many people would have died rather than go to a pawnbroker - but that was then, and this is now. Mortgages are high, jobs thin on the ground and money is scarce. Pawnbrokers are seeing people from all walks of life coming through their doors. Pawnbroker Frank Cronin chats to Ryan about how the business works, how they value items and what people are bringing in to the pawn shops these days.

Our ole pal Shane O'Donoghue gives us the gossip from the green at the Ryder Cup in Wales.


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