duminică, 12 februarie 2012

Sherlock - a BBC series - by Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat

I've seen only two episodes (from the first season). Quite engaging and spectacular. Fairly good entertaining. First episode (probably the pilot) more than the second. However, the second had this wonderful graffiti in it. (Broadcasted on BBC mind you!) So, obviously, I liked it more ;)
The characters talk a little too fast for me (not a native English speaker) and the whole tempo of the movie is a little too quick, which of course makes it a more intense experience, but also makes the viewer feel a little confused (like an "idiot", to cite the new reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes) but also worry about the plot's imperfections, abrupt "gaps" and "jumps". To give just an example: Sherlock notices an inscription on a watch, that he sees for a few seconds, but he doesn't notice for hours a a couple of crucial handwritten words on a big piece of paper on the table in front of him. I don't remember anymore the original story, but I always though that the original Sherlock was the kind of guy concerned above all with people' lives. He would always hurry and try to save them from the killer. Here, Sherlock is more about fighting with the enemy and less about preventing further homicides. Also, Dr. Watson killed a person in both episodes. Saving lives both times, nevertheless this makes him a serial killer too.

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  1. Piggy policeman

    This policeman with a pig nose stencil appeared on the east side of the rail bridge on Dalston Lane, Hackney in late 2007. It was scrubbed after only a few days. Definitely Banksy-esque. Couple of others in the same area in Feb 08 located eslewhere on Flickr.

    shell shock:

    It is interesting, and definately Banksy-esque, but we think that some of the detail is very sketchy and would expect a bit more from banksy :-) It hasn't been in any of his books, on his website etc.

    SO, sorry, we'll have to ask you to put it in the 'Banksy?' pool until anyone can be more definate!

    the other photo probably helps confirm that it's most probably not by banksy, but that someone has been active with that idea//image in the hackney / stoke newington area

    source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39244429@N08/4264681213/