duminică, 20 noiembrie 2011

Pig and shit sometimes come together in movies

This is the case, for ex. in Fernando Arrabal's Viva la muerte (English title: Long Live Death, 1971), both the pig and the shit appear in the hallucinations/imagination of the main character, a boy called Fando. The pig (it's actually a boar) is shown wearing a nun's bonnet, similar to the one on the head of the boy's young nun-teacher. As for the shit, the scene goes like this: the boy's mother shits on the head of the boy's father, who just committed suicide by cutting his veins. The boy knows that his mother got his father arrested by reporting him to the authorities.
Similarly, the pig and the shit appear in two recent animations done by Hungarian born directors. In Gabor Csupo's The immigrants(2008), Vlad, a Russian immigrant and one of the 2 main characters, helps digging the life-time shit of one local American, as a part time job, while the pigs (and for couple of seconds there's even a donkey) walk around the courtyard of the apartment building, where the main characters live. Nobody knows where the pigs come from. They are like flies. The pig and the shit star also in Áron Gauder's The District (2004) (Nyócker! original Hungarian title). Here, the pigs are the targets of the Hungarian prime-minister, while he is hunting. And the shit appears when the main character, a gypsy adolescent thinks about a possible future in which he marries the girl he loves, who happens to be the daughter of the head of a rival gang and the enemy of his father. This is what he thinks: "My father in law is a piece of shit. My father hates my father in law. My father in law hates my father, whom he believes to be a used condom..." The image of a used condom is also presented. This could be the third, the eclipse, symbol in this decadent trinity.

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