marți, 9 iunie 2009

Who awaits Anatol Matasaru everytime he goes to court and why?

After every trial, where Anatol Matasaru and other political prisoners from Chisinau try to obtain the freedom, to escape the inhuman, degrading and humiliating detention he is awaited near the court. By whom? There are some persons, dressed in civilian clothes, with a car registered in Transdniestria. They remain until the court decision is taken, and leave in a hurry after that, because Matasaru remains under the custody of police.

In the images below, you see them driving their car, and behaving like they do not want to be filmed. Are they hiding something?

Cine il asteapta pe Matasaru si de ce?
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Matasaru is still in prison, and according to the most recent decision, he will remain there until the 7th of July.

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