miercuri, 10 iunie 2009

MATASARU IS FREE!!!! And Artiom Loskutov is Free as well!!!

More precisely, he is out of the prison! But still in home arrest! According to a Moldovan newspaper his detention was changed to a 30 days home arrest.
Anyways, it is a big step forward!
Thank you you all the readers and contributors to this blog! Thank yo for expressing yr solidarity with Anatol Matasaru!

But just before his liberation Anatol had to go through a tormenting experience. As soon as the judge said he is free to go, 4 men dressed in civil clothing arrested him again. It turned out that they were policeman, and that they have received orders to take him to the prosecutor's office. They did not inform his relatives or show any official papers regarding this order. Later, today, Anatol was escorted home. He is home and safe.
Here is a video from the event done by the internet television JurnalTV:
The woman who is shouting is his wife.

About the case of Russian artist Artiom Loskutov see here: http://kissmybabushka.com/

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  1. actually, the video was shoot by this lawyer, Victor Pantaru,
    but the good news indeed is that he is home, with his wife, and...let believe he is and will be safe..