sâmbătă, 11 iulie 2009

Matasarophobia or the reasons of inventing criminal files

yesterday, the 10th of july, anatol matasaru was about to be free again. it did not happen! the truth expressed by anatol via his protests is frightening the authorities.

at 14.00 the judge decided that he may leave his apartment, but told him to come back to the court at 16.00 for more information.

he was escorted for a while, and when he returned to the court was arrested by two policemen dressed in civil clothes.

matasaru was driven to another town, Orhei, and a new criminal file was started both on his name and on the name of ghenadie grega, a social activist leader from chisinau.

the reason for this new file (an invented one) is that in november, 2007, ghenadie and anatol robbed and beat up a young person, stealing from him food, wine, and a watch.

anatol is now (july 11th) at the police office in Orhei town, and his lawyer says the victim came and identified anatol as being his aggressor in november 2007 . the police is acting like criminals, illegal, no procedure is respected! ghenadie is still at home, frightened that the police could come and take him at any moment.

what is interesting is that in november 2007, anatol and ghenadie did not know each other yet.

it is obvious that the authorities want to liquidate the persons who can influence the public opinion and are doing what they can to attain it. may be anatol has some precious testimonies to give? maybe he knows too much?

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