luni, 9 februarie 2009

A. Mătăsaru, on February, 3rd, 2009 by Oleg Brega

A short explanation of these photos:
On the 3rd of February,
a group of people from various NGOs peacefully protested in front of the Prosecutors office in Chişinau (the capital of Moldova) in Mătăsaru's support and against the abuse of police. At some point a group of unidentified men wearing masks attacked the protesters heating them and spraying them with tear-gas.
The protesters tried to defend themselves (among them A. Mătăsaru wearing a pig costume). The police did not intervene, even though these people were protesting in the very front of the prosecutors office and the people were shouting "POLICE! HELP!" The protesters believe, as paradoxically as it might seem, that the attackers were commissioned to do their dirty thing by somebody from the country's law-enforcement agency. Currently, some of the attackers are arrested.
The cameramen present on the spot recorded the event:

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